How does it work?

Tutor Tracker contains the coordinates of the Tutor portals of the Italian motorway network. When in use, it continually checks the current position respect to the nearest portal in the direction of travel, once found it computes the average and the recommended speed by the distance.

What speed does it indicate?

The displayed  average speed is related to that measured between 2 Tutor portals, so it’s not reliable before it is passed the first portal.

The recommended speed is not available outside of a Tutor segment as, in order to calculate the average until the next portal Tutor), the application needs to know the current average.


The free version of the application can be used up to a maximum of 8 hours. After this period you must purchase a license for continuing to use it.


Once the license is purchased, it’s associated with the user profile and not to the device. In case of anomalies, simply delete the application, reinstall it and repeat the buy process. No additional cost will be charged. Same if you have multiple devices, eg. an iPhone and an iPad, the cost is one-off.


At application start-up, if a connection to the Internet is available, new Tutor portals are automatically updated.

Multilingual Support

The application is available in both Italian and English. In phone settings, you can also change the presentation of the distances and speeds in miles and miles per hour.

Battery consumption

Having the GPS active, and the need to have the screen turned on, is quite power-hungry. It is advisable to keep the phone in the car plugged into a USB or cigarette lighter, in this case the resolution of GPS is greater and allows a more accurate tracking.

Apple requires, for all the applications using the GPS, to make explicit the following disclaimer: Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

iPad support

The application only works with the 3G version of iPad/iPad2, as it requires the “Assisted GPS” function.

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