What about Tutor Tracker?

Tutor Tracker allows you to measure your average speed while driving on highway controlled by the Tutor speed control system.

Have you ever been in your car asking yourself how fast you drove the last few miles? Too fast? Too slow?

Tutor Tracker keeps track of your speed on motorways controlled by the Tutor system and recommends the speed to keep in order to reach the next control with the correct average speed.

Simple and effective.

You can also save the location of a new Tutor portal, by holding your finger on the map while passing it, and you can send it by exporting it from the Trips screen.
The online update of the Tutor locations is freely available and you can see them in the new Tutor Map screen.

You can also save the location of a new Tutor portal Tutor and send it for updating.
All updates are available free of charge and updated automatically and you can check them in the Tutor Map screen.

Tutor Tracker covers the whole Italian motorway and the free version allows you to test the functionality before purchasing directly from the application.

Other features:

  • configurable speed limits and alarms.
  • save your trip data and export them to Google Maps or Google Earth.